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About Amy Diane Short

“I change my hair every week and a half, dude. Get used to it.” —Ramona Flowers

Despite early indications of becoming a fiction writer, I used my gift for storytelling to fuel a successful healthcare administration career in operations, quality improvement, team science, education, and research. (Really.) I have mentored individuals and teams; delivered workshops and presentations; written grants; and published in scientific, peer-reviewed journals. Even as I was wearing all these different hats, I believe I have been successful because I helped people tell their stories. Now I want to help people listen to each other’s stories and support them in telling their own stories.

Interview Video / Jill Matthews

Join me on my journey as I feed my technical skills back into my creative core to become a published fiction (Horror/Urban Magic) writer. I hope that together we can share our experiences and make our quests a little quicker and a little less lonely.

An Example of Healthcare Administration Story Telling