Because of the big dip in our family income—thanks to me pursuing my writing dream—it became necessary to become more hands-on in my approach to addressing home repair needs.

Instead of merely calling a repair person, I now try to fix things myself if I can engage safely.

I have already saved hundreds of dollars by doing simple home repairs!

How Did I Learn to Make Repairs?

I paid close attention to the symptoms of the problem and then watched several YouTube videos on the topic. Watching more than one video was critical to get a validity check on the suggested methods and ensured better awareness of adequate safety precautions.

Safety is the key here. Be sure you understand the risks involved and err on the side of caution when making any repairs.

Three of My Repair Successes:

  1. The Case of the Dead Garbage Disposal

2. The Mystery of the Dry Dishwasher

3. The Riddle of the Non-Closing Garage Door

How Long Must I Suffer?

Initially, the intent was to use this approach until my new career came out of the red, to go back to baseline behaviors as soon as I could.

But you know what?

Fixing mechanical problems is fun and actualizing. I think, moving forward, I will stay hands-on, no matter how many of my books are made into movies.