Welcome to Novel Narrative!

Join me on my journey as I meld my project management, research, and quality improvement skills with my spooky aesthetic to establish a new career in fiction writing.

This blog has three overarching goals:

One: Share What I am Learning

Photo by Caleb Lucas / Unsplash
  • Stepping away from an already successful career and leaping into the void of something new
  • Exploring topics related to horror and urban magic genres
  • Managing a family budget that has been more than halved
  • Applying business savvy to blogging and writing
  • Experimenting with writing techniques
  • Designing personal productivity and efficiency techniques for writers

Two: Support an Inclusive Online Writing Community

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  • I have found that creativity is curtailed in a vacuum and that we all do better, and grow more, when we work together
  • Feel free to join the mailing list and/or make comments on the posts
  • All kind and respectful folks welcome

Three: Provide Background and “Extras” for My Stories

Child‘s Grave Maker at Spring Grove Cemetery / Photo by Amy Short
  • Sources of inspiration
  • Research findings
  • Works in progress